Lux Dental specializes in implant dentistry. It is the most demanding branch of dentistry since it requires extensive knowledge supported by years of experience. Endless possibilities and fast scientific advances help us restore the natural and aesthetic appearance of our patients. Unequivocally, an implant is the best replacement for a tooth that has been lost. Once it integrates with our body, it provides the foundation upon which a crown can be placed to mimic a natural tooth.

Materials and Procedures for Implants

Dental ImplantsThere are no compromises when it comes to implant dentistry. At Lux Dental, we use only material and procedures proven by many years of research with a wide scientific documentation. We closely work with several implant manufacturers to meet the demands of our patients. All of our implants come with a 100% risk-free warranty. If the implant fails to integrate after placement, we will replace the implant at no charge.

The procedure requires multiple appointments over the course of several months. During the first appointment, diagnostics will be used to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Then, a time will be scheduled to start the implant process.

When the implant procedure begins, it is necessary to drill a post into the jaw bone. This implant post is naturally assimilated into the bone, creating a strong base to support the dental appliance. After a few months, the dentist will determine that the foundation is properly integrated. Then, a permanent crown or bridge can be placed on top of the implant.

Advanced Diagnostics

Implant BridgesWe use advanced diagnostics in the form of dental CT scanner to visualize the volume of bone and location of vital structures in 3D. When a tooth is lost, our body begins to resorb bone that later becomes necessary to support and maintain a healthy implant. Our services include bone grafting at the time of extraction, sinus lifts, and more complex block grafts when more significant bone augmentation is necessary.

Excellent Dental Implant Treatments

Since we specialize in dental implants, our team is proud to offer top-notch services in the Mount Pleasant area. If you need implants, then we invite you to contact us so that we can schedule a consultation to see if implants are right for you.



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