It is important to visit the dentist for early diagnosis of tooth decay and gum disease. The health of your gums has a direct impact on the quality of your teeth, so gum quality is a focus during your dental checkups. Here at Lux Dental, our goal is prevention and early diagnosis, and we have a variety of dental treatments that can be used to stop the progression of most dental problems.

Why Scaling and Gum Planing?

Scaling and root planingIf you have been diagnosed with gum disease, then the progression of the disease could potentially be harmful to the quality of your dental health. Gum disease can lead to big pockets of infection in the gums, cause receding gums, and eventually lead to tooth loss. It is essential to take action right away when you have been diagnosed so that you can avoid the issues associated with severe gum disease.

Scaling and planing, also known as a “deep cleaning,” removes the tartar and plaque that are located on the roots of the teeth. Plaque and tartar create conditions that help bacteria thrive, which causes the gums to become irritated and sore. Early stages of gum disease fall under the category of gingivitis, and untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease.

When the bacteria is present, it causes inflammation of the gums that eventually works down to create pockets of infection near the root of the teeth. If the infection is left untreated, then it can break down the bone structure that holds the teeth in place. Therefore, early stages of gum disease should be taken seriously to avoid long-term damage.

Basic Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Each time you visit our office for a dental exam, your teeth will be cleaned. Scaling is done during every cleaning to remove the dental tartar that has built up on the surfaces of the teeth. Root planing, or deep cleaning, takes it to a deeper level to remove the tartar on the root of the tooth. Depending on the severity of the infection and the depth of the tartar, it might be necessary to use local anesthetics to make you comfortable during the appointment.

At Lux Dental, we want to help you maintain good dental health. We invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more about gum health and these treatments.




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