Do you have teeth that have been damaged because of tooth decay or physical trauma? Here at Lux Dental, we offer the restorative dental services that you need to maintain a healthy smile. Crowns and bridges are treatments that can be used to repair damage or replace missing teeth. Here is an overview of these services to help you decide if these treatments are right for you:

Dental Crowns

dental-crownsThere are several ways that dental crowns can be used to restore your smile. One common use of dental crowns is to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened because it is cracked or decayed. In this situation, it is essential to repair the tooth as soon as possible and strengthen the remaining structure of the tooth. The crown will be placed over the tooth to form a natural shape around the remaining portion of the tooth.

Crowns are also used on dental implant posts to fill in space where a tooth is missing. Dental crowns can also be helpful when a bridge needs to be attached to healthy teeth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a treatment that can be used to fill in the gaps when one or more teeth are missing. If there is a gap, then it is possible that the nearby teeth can be damaged because they begin to move out of place. Also, many people feel self-conscious about having space missing in their mouth, and bridges can be used to restore confidence.

A bridge is formed to match your mouth with exactness. Usually, bridges are permanently attached in the mouth using dental implants or crowns to secure the bridge on either side. If crowns are used, then it is necessary to have strong teeth in place on both sides of the bridge placement.

Do You Need Crowns or Bridges?

An experienced dentist will help you understand if you need these treatments for your dental care. Here are a few reasons why your dentist might recommend a crown or bridge for your mouth:

  • dental-bridgeSevere tooth decay
  • A tooth has been weakened because of cracks or chips
  • Upgrade the appearance of a tooth with an unusual shape
  • Restore the area where teeth are missing
  • Improve the appearance of your smile

If you choose a dental crown or bridge, you can rest assured to know that this is a long-lasting treatment. We use the best equipment and technology to ensure that you receive high-quality care.

For more information about crowns and bridges, we invite you to contact our office here at Lux Dental. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment.



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